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    Compassion, patience, and transparency are key tenets that guide our philosophy. When you partner with us
    on your financial journey, you can take advantage of our commitment and the core values we bring to every
    client relationship.


    A Guide Who
    Understands Your Journey


    When it comes to your future, you need a financial planner who helps you see the big picture. We specialize in bringing all the pieces of your financial puzzle together so you get a clearer view of the destination.

    Can I Live Comfortably?

    With people living longer, it’s important to make sure that your money can sustain your lifestyle well into the future. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to ensure you don’t outlive your money.

    What Did I Miss?

    We all have blind spots, but a fresh set of eyes with the right skills and experience can help you find and fix those missing pieces. We’re by your side and we can help you along the way.


    ​Our Advisor

    Services for You


    Everyone has different goals and dreams, so you need an individualized plan and path toward the future.
    Sheridan Wealth Management can help you with an array of strategies.


    Financial Planning

    Whether you already have a plan in place or you need help building one, your detailed, overarching strategy requires oversight, insight, and experience. We can help you create, troubleshoot, or optimize your financial plan.


    Retirement Planning

    Your retirement may be just around the corner, or decades away. Living comfortably in retirement requires creating a source of income that can last your lifetime. You need a great plan to have a great retirement, and we can help.


    Estate Planning

    It’s important to have a plan for your assets as you age. Estate planning allows you to tend to your medical needs, care for your loved ones, make sure your wishes are carried out, and leave a lasting legacy.


    Risk Management

    The best laid plans can sometimes suffer setbacks, We will work with you to create a strategy that acknowledges, addresses, and mitigates risk, so you and your family can feel confident about your financial future.


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